About Us
What is Mertium? Mertium is a Crypto & Finance news aggregator site that uses advanced AI to show trending news stories along with crypto market trends in a hyper-personalized manner.
5000+ Daily Stories
50+ Publishers
1000+ Authors
200+ Topics
Tech behind the Scenes The AI based algorithm uses IBM Watson. We manually trained it over two years by tagging 10,000+ articles. Since then, it has fetched data from over 250,000 articles that provide the latest/trending news about both crypto and finance.
Ranking the stories in order of ‘Trendiness’ News articles are ‘scored’ to determine trendiness – we call it “Mertium Rank”. Trendiness is gauged by collecting signals from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We also use Textrazor’s NLP to perform keyword analysis, so we have another layer of analytics around buzzy keywords.
When you gaze into Mertium, it gazes back at you The more articles you click on, the more the Mertium proprietary AI will optimize the feed – it will give you stories that are hyper-relevant.
Stay updated with Crypto Market Data You can browse Mertium to look for crypto-related market data on the homepage of the website. From the coins that are trading up to trading down to coins that are trading with heavy volume. You can adjust the market data based on a time filter. We plan to also add coins trending on social and price momentum.
TL; DR – too many places to get crypto news with too much info – Mertium has a simple feed with the most trending crypto news. Happy crypto scrolling!
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